About Us

Hua He Sushi & Special is a new place on the map of Krakow. A Japanese restaurant, whose owner comes from Taiwan, but also has several years of work experience in Japan.

HUA HE symbolizes the flowers 🌼🌷🌹 that are covered by the greatest care in the home garden. Our guests are like flowers that we especially want to take care of. We invite sushi lovers to our home garden, let us take care of you and open to a unique taste experience.


We offer sushi (sashimi, hosomaki, temaki, nigiri, rolls and sets), soups, appetizers, BBQ specialties (grilled dishes), pasta, seafood and vegetables in tempura, as well as sukiyaki – Japanese hot pot with vegetables, beef, pork or seafood.

 The menu of our restaurant is a combination of Japanese tradition and fantasy of a team of chefs.

Zespół HUA HE sushi